Peninsula Counseling

About Peninsula Counseling

Peninsula Counseling offers quality and professional alcohol and drug counseling programs in the Gig Harbor, WA area including South Kitsap County. Our practice started in 2008, and since then we have provided superior service when treating our clients. We reflect a true passion in assisting them accomplish their objective to partake in a healthier and drug-free lifestyle and are there to give personalized attention to their needs and recovery every step of the way.

Our role is to serve as guides in the recovery process from chemical dependency. We offer hope for a new life of relationships and self-esteem, where there now may be feelings of despair and hopelessness. Through professional consultation and assessment, we individualize all treatment plans and care. Confidentiality is assured.

Our caring and dependable staff is here to help you recover from substance abuse and answer any questions you have regarding the effects, dangers, and treatment of addiction. Contact us or call directly at 253-851-4600 to find out more.

About BB Buskirk, DDS, MA, CDP

BB Buskirk DDS MA CDPGig Harbor resident since 1973

Dentist 1973-2007

Master of Arts in Addiction Counseling (with Highest Honors) from Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City, MN

Chemical Dependency Professional

“I was in dentistry for 34 years before I retired, went back to school at the age of 60, and got a masters degree in addiction counseling. I started this agency in 2008. I look at myself as somebody who can educate and guide people through a recovery process. Everybody has different things that appeal to them and that they’re willing to work for. My goal is to provide as many alternatives as I can to my patients so they can personalize their own recovery.” ~ BB Buskirk